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Once again Go Ballistic came up with the goods - Graham, New York........Probably the best paintball sites in the world! - Ted, Connecticut........What a great day...well worth the effort - Ed, Massasuchets........The marshals made things go with a real bang - Dougie, NYC........I loved every minute of it - Fred, Stamford........Too many great things to mention but I'll be back soon - Polly, Boston........Better than I could have ever imagined - Helen, Philly........I am definitely gonna book with you guys again - Sam, NYC........Worth every penny! - Andrew, Long Island........Cheap at twice the price...cheers lads! - Laurence, Philadelphia........ Email A Friend
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Indoor Paintball USA
with Go Ballistic

Get the ultimate adrenalin rush whatever the weather!

Without the restrictions of daylight and bad weather you can play paintball at a time that is convenient to you.

A rapidly expanding network of Indoor fields across the country set up tournament style with Sup-Air bunkers means that the faster tourney format is accessible to players of all levels.

Paintball the fastest growing extreme sport in the world

Paintballing Indoors
Photo of Stamford Indoor Field, CT.

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